Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Where can you get the cheapest martinis in T.O?

Pravda Vodka Bar during happy hour: half price cocktails at $6
Hey Lucy on Wednesday at $4.49 

And Eat my Martini! $5 martinis on  weekdays and $6 on Friday and Saturday. 

3 martinis for under $20? I'm in heaven. 

Eat my Martini is basically in the middle of Little Italy which isn't the most crowded place to be hanging out on a Saturday night. 

If you are in the core, you can get there by bus or take the subway to Christie station and walk down (about 10 mins). We opted for the subway because even this Torontonian will never get used to TTC buses.

Heres some adorb snaps from our walk to the bar (gotta burn off those drink calories!)

 When this place isn't crowded, it is super romantic. It's small like most Toronto bars in that narrow way we all know too well. Even though we were there during daylight (7pm to 9pm) and there was light streaming from the windows, it was dark as hell- no lights inside, just small tealights on every table.

Making it almost impossible to read their long, giant cocktails list. But over 100 types of cocktails? I didn't mind. 

Be prepared that you will have to tell the waiter, I'll need 5 more minutes about a million times when deciding between the martinis. For someone like me, who is extremely picky and knows her alcohol combinations very well (used to be a bartender!) you might be reading the menu more than talking to anyone else.

Keep in mind these are list also includes the most minging drinks ever. Even if they sound okay, they are horrific: eg Knockers "vodka, mango juice and coconut juice". My friend ordered this one and she lived to regret it. I don't know what they did to it, but it was thick and gross and warm. 

Knockers is the bright yellow martini. 

Next? The "Eat my Pie" vodka, apple sours, goldschlager and apple juice. This one was a step up, tasted like a cinnamon heart candy. In my opinion, it could have used a bit more apple sours. 

The drinks went on and on, each one better than the next. The bartender will even custom make you one if you have anything in mind. Lovely!

The server recommends you drinks to try and which ones not to try. His recommendations weren't up my street, but he was so nice and smiley I let him be.

My favorite one of the night? The "Porn Star" Vodka, Baileys, and butterscotch liquor. Pure alcohol and pure deliciousness. It was noticeably only filled to half of the martini glass, but for $6? I got my money's worth. 

Eat my Martini also serves food, but I opted out (a place known for cheap drinks doesn't usually float my boat for food). My friend ordered nachos- they are her weakness; her equivalent to my "bruschetta" obsession. Whenever they are on the menu, she will order it.  The bar offers classic bar food and nothing more. Nothing exceptionable but they will help you sober up if you've had one too many martinis.

Overall, you have to be choosy with your martinis here, but overall go with this one rule: The more alcohol, the better the drink.

Until next time beauties! x

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