Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Torontonian does Italian

On Friday night I headed to Il Fornello on Kings Street, known for its delicious Italian food; or should I say, posh Italian food. Surprisingly, this location, which is in the downtown core in the entertainment district is priced cheaper than the Bayview Village location (in North York). I always like cheaper (no matter what)!

Cocktails were priced at $8; Martinis at $10, and wine glasses at around $10/ and a bottle for $40. Surprisingly decent prices being in the core. Appetizers were a bit pricey at $8-$10 while the mains were a decent price between $17-$20 for pizza and pasta.

My friends and I each ordered something different. Basically, whenever I go to an Italian place, I get brushetta (because who doesn't love bread and tomatoes?) and fettuccine Alfredo. I know, not really adventurous, but I freaking love those options and everything will just pale in comparison. It's actually rare that I will deviate from it if I see it on a menu.

This was no exception.

For drinks, I ordered a sunset cocktail made of prosecco, orange juice, and some other things I can't remember.


Overall, there is barely any alcohol in it. I like my drinks strong and after drinking it, I felt 100% sober.

Service at first was good: water glasses were re-filled without asking, the waiter was polite and attended us while we waited for the rest of our party. But as the night went on, we waited 15 minutes between getting the dessert menu and asking for our order- the answer was, no we didn't want dessert. Although, they had pumpkin pie on the menu for $7, and it took a lot of willpower to turn it down, but no one wanted dessert and I'm not that much of a fattie to eat by myself. I'm socially awkward like that.

The room was half-full when we entered at 8:30 and at 10 when we left, there were only 2 tables (including ours!) that were still there. Pretty dead for a friday night. Butttt the decor was beautiful, you could see the chefs making your dinner- which included a flaming pizza oven and the food was good (but not exceptional).

I would give this place a 6.5 or a 7. It was cool for a chill night, but was mostly an older crowd. No music or anything, which is a little sad and depressing when you think about it, but on the plus side, no disruptions for talking, which was nice. It's not all about drinking on nights out for 21 year olds! Don't worry though, I always tip 15% ;)

And can I just add, when does the CN tower not look gorgeous?

Until next time X

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